5" Utility Knife


The knife that stays with you for any wild expedition from the deep blue to the backwoods.

  • G10 machined gun grip handle
  • Carbon steel blade for superior edge retention
  • Anti-corrosive blade coating

The SORD 5" Utility Knife was designed with the idea that we needed to have a knife to grab for any and every random activity that needs a knife. This specific knife has been used to cut the bellies out of mahi-mahi for swordfish baits, debone a spanish mackerel for a pitch bait, and to cut through the shirt of a first mate that accidentally got hooked by a few sabikis. This knife will clip onto the side of a five-gallon bucket and be ready for any use. 

  • G10 machined gun grip handle

  • Carbon steel blade for superior edge retention

  • Anti-corrosive blade coating

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Jason O'Donnell
5" utility knife

Finally got around to using this awesome knife. Its sharp right out of the box. It doesn't flex so it's good for de-boning meat and general use. The grip is what makes these knives stand out from other brands. The just feel perfect and balanced in your hand.

Ellis Johnson

Great knife

Phillip Berry
5” utility knife

So happy with the knife. Feels good in your hand and holds an edge well. I love the knife. I now have 3 of them. My wife loves them in the kitchen as well.

Chris Hanemann
So good, I bought two!

It’s the perfect knife for just about anything. I definitely don’t keep it on the bench for water activities. From fishing, hunting, camping, box opening, and meal prep, I use this knife for everything. I would not be upset or ask any questions if another one happened to appear at my door.

Kris Greer
Boat Knife

I bought this knife to carry in my kayak and it’s the perfect size thinking about buying another one



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  • when we traveled to our events, there was a demand for a knife that could fit into the rocket launcher of a sport fishing boat, a glove box of a truck, and be stiff enough to cut through frozen cigar minnows. This knife is a true utility knife that does it all.

  • The blade is hand sharpened to an angle between 18 and 20 degrees. We recommend sharpening all SORD knives to 20 degree angles.

  • The knife is razor sharp right out of the box, but as any knife that sees excessive abuse, it will need to be sharpened. Visit our knife sharpening page to learn more about our recommended ways for sharpening your new knife.

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