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Climbing the Ladder - Sight Fishing Pompano with Blake Hunter of Reel30a
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Climbing the Ladder - Sight Fishing Pompano with Blake Hunter of Reel30a

I took a step outside my truck after parking on highway 30a and the stiff north wind from the most recent cold front greeted me immediately. It was one of those days where you felt like spring had already sprung and the sun was high in the air, but mother winter was not going to relinquish her grip just yet with temps hovering in the 50s all day. The plan was to meet up with Blake Hunter of Reel30a to sight fish pompano from ladders on the sand bar in the crystal-clear emerald waters that were blown flat from the gusting winds from the North.

I took my first steps into the water with my ladder over my head and once the water reached right up to the family jewels, I let out a few choice words. It was cold, but the shot at seeing pomps crush a bait just feet from my ladder kept me warm with anticipation. I set my ladder up about 15 feet away from Blake and just to the right of me was a deep channel carrying water from the shoreline to between the first and second sandbars, the perfect place to ambush fish moving between the shore and the deeper water.

If you are interested in doing a surf fishing charter of any kind, or if you need to rent some gear for your trip down to the beach, get in touch with Blake at Reel30a.



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