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We are back with our week 51 synopsis for the Northern Gulf.

We are projecting better than normal fishing conditions for the next week for the boats that have the ability to go 60+ miles in unfavorable weather conditions. This report is also a little more brief, but hits the high points.


There is not much to write home about on the SST side, as most of the water is covered by clouds for the last couple of days. You can see the most accurate inshore shot below, with a touch of warmer (72-73) water staying in close.


The altimetry this week is showing a large upwelling beginning to form in the central northern gulf over the Double Nipple area. This is an area of interest that we will continue to watch. Fishing in this area can be incredible all the way out to the fringes of the upwelling.


The currents this week are showing strongly to the east again, shooting through the eastern fads and then hitting a stalled out state just north of the FADs. To the west, you will see the strong current lines shooting southwest through the MS Canyon area and then down south to connect with the massive upwelling that is extremely far south. We recommend targeting any of these floating structures that have stronger current lines on them.


There is still not much to write home about in the SST shot from today as it is covered up by clouds. You will see the 7 day aggregated SST shot below, which shows that the majority of the gulf is still in blended blue/green water.



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