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We feel like kids right before Christmas morning just about every day now. There is an eager anticipation of what is to come this fishing season. Our Where The Map Turns Blue podcast has been churning out some incredible guest and with each one that comes on the podcast we get more and more excited about the next few months. 

This week the warm water has inched closer and closer to shore and we are showing the nipple now sitting in 71-72 degree water. We heard reports of a few wahoo being caught inshore of that, so the fish are definitely here, just not in numbers yet. 

Sea Surface Temperature

We had a crystal clear SST shot today that shows a nice temperature break once you get past the double nipple and onto the W Florida Slope. Inshore of that near the FADs and Nipple, we are seeing 71-73 degree water. The FADs should start holding bait regularly once the temperature increases 1 or 2 degrees from where it is at right now. 

The rest of the Gulf is still either holding in a below 70 degree pattern close to land, or is staying within the 70-73 degree pattern. This should be the start of what we hope to be a hot pelagic season. 


The altimetry this week is showing great water out near the Blind Faith, Thunderhawk, Thunderhorse, and Appomattox. These areas and structure should hold a TON of bait, as it is being constantly replenished with microorganisms from the upwelling. Closer in, near the shelf rigs and the FADs there is no up or downwelling happening in this area. This is not anything to be concerned about, we are focused on water temperature this time of the year more than anything. 


We are watching a backflow eddie that is to the east of the W Florida Slope and that will hopefully bring the warmer water closer in. This is the current that is spinning off into the upwelling that we see in the Altimetry chart. You can see where the current hits the stagnant water as that rip line that is highlighted on this chart. This would be a phenomenal area to start fishing if you are headed that far out. 


The bluewater has pushed into the FADs right now and there is a mass of blended blue-green water that is near the nipple/131 hole area. There is nothing specific to note about the Chlorophyll right now, but we will continue to watch it.



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